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slam & jams 2019

A couple weeks ago, we had our last edition of the Slam&Jams events of the year, and what a blast it was!  After participating all summer in the events the kids figured out their strengths and put it all together for the big contest! 
Followed up by a show, at the park, featuring Lil Geenee and Playanights.
So another summer come and gone, but definitely not forgotten.
Huge Thanks to Dakota for running the show, Marie for helping make all this possible, PRFO for the support and of course all of you little shredders, thank you!
Heres some of our favorite pics from this summer, all taken by our dear friend Monk.

JULY 5 2019

Dakota showing the kids how to catch air.

Sam Charest with the 3flip into the bank. Buttaz

Powerslide contest was hilarious!!!!

Chris going for the longest slip n slide.

...and the winners are....

JULY 20, 2019

Nathan was ready for this one!

Love this one, Adam Burton with the long ass kickflip.

Little Shredder on the top rope!

Tommy Gunz with the 5050.

Bradley won the hippy jump contest easy, two years in a row!

Dakota shut it all down with this back heel of doom!

These guys took it home!

September 25, 2019

Alright, first up.....

Sam was ready!

and its on!!!

Arthur and Tommy about to fire!
Arthur with that steeze.

Tommy takes it home with this kickflip at the end of his run!

Aight, now its time for the big dawgs.

Thomas puttin down the fifty.

Peck was thinking outside the box!

Bradley took 1st place with 2 jam packed runs, include this boardslide!

Season winners!!!!

Thanks again everyone, see you next summer!!!

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