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support greg carroll and his family

Greg Carroll has done so much for skateboarding that I think all of us are a little bit in debt to him. He nurtured his younger brother, Mike, as a kid and helped him start a career that would help define modern skateboarding. He's mentored countless skaters and even supported me personally through sponsorship, been a part of some amazing companies, and has always been one of the most positive people in the industry. Greg recently had a freak accident that left him unable to work. Read the full account below, and donate whatever you can to help Greg and his family through these trying times.

On November 6th 2015 Greg took his 3-year old to the local skateboard park to have some fun and relieve some stress. Instead of having a mellow session showing his son how to ride his skateboard, a freak accident happened. Greg was skating a mini ramp, when his board shot out from under him. When Greg stepped down, his right leg buckled out to the right and his left buckled out to the left, blowing out both of his knees at the same time. This event has left Greg unable to work in the capacity that he normally does and has resulted in thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Some of you may be wondering: isn’t this the same Greg Carroll who was owner of Think Skateboards, Empire Skateboard Distribution and part owner of Diamond Supply Co? How could he possibly need any financial support? He must be set for life!

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Greg worked hard with integrity for many years however, he did not walk away from all the companies he helped build with a healthy nest egg. In 2010 Greg decided to focus on his Life Coaching and Energy Healing work to provide for his new family. When his daughter was 6 months old, he received a call from his uncle informing him that his estranged mother (whom he had not seen in 23 years) was unwell, having just lost her husband to suicide. When Greg went to see her, he found her living in severely unhealthy conditions as well as suffering from Dementia. It took years of Greg working diligently to make sure his mom was set up with proper care. During those years, he was unable to find work in the skateboard industry (if you’re reading this and you have a position to offer Greg please find him on LinkedIn). A humbled man, Greg was forced to turn to social services aka Welfare to feed his family.

As a community, our goal is to give as much support to Greg, Ariel and their two kids as possible. Greg is generous and always willing to be of service to people no matter what their financial situation. He has helped so many of us, and has asked nothing in return. In this difficult time, we wish to honor the love so freely given by Greg and his Family and provide relief to them in a tangible way. A donation in any amount, a word of encouragement, a share on social media or prayer is valued greatly.

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