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"OSS sur la 117" - photos

"OSS sur la 117"

photography - ryan lebel
words - your father
leon bs nosepick
leon is down to get gnar. this is a 10 am nosepick in val david, one of the first parks we stopped at.
the boys are amused by leon's creativity. hippie vibes in mont tremblant.
fucking golden hour, fucking golden bs flip off the bench over the net into your throat.  ian clelland soaking it up in st jovite.
leon blasts into the street in st agathe. fire.
trendy and sexy.
old man river ollie, ode to the cheif. this portrait was taken to capture the heart of phil daoust.
postcard of ian's boner and a fs smith grind on a bump to bar.
leon deals with rocks and ian with broken wood.
ian releasing sexual tension.
leon grass bomb lipslide at the last spot on the trip, well done boys.


  • Nagger

    Good thing there aren’t any blacks……

  • Max G

    fucking sick trip

  • nic

    i got a boner

  • ;)

    man this is sick and also pretty radical

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